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A Hour of Thrones

Last night's Game of Thrones season 7 premiere was easily the shortest hour of television I've ever s
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A Hour of Thrones
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #82 • View online
Last night’s Game of Thrones season 7 premiere was easily the shortest hour of television I’ve ever seen. Perhaps it’s because we watched the last two episodes of season 6 (the last of which clocked in at 68 minutes), but I can’t recall time passing that quickly in a relatively long show before. Maybe it’s just knowing that we’re in the home stretch – only 12 episodes in total left now after last night. So I’m glad they’ll be getting longer.
It’s also crazy to me just how mainstream the show has become. It’s not only overly sexualized and insanely violent, it’s hilariously dense and obtuse. Even I can’t remember everything I should probably remember (which, I suppose, lends to its re-watchability). Just think about what the conversations must have been like to get such a show greenlit. Especially in this particular genre, which hasn’t traditionally translated well in Hollywood.
Of course, it’s undoubtedly a mixture of those things that has led to it being such a phenomenon. The audience graph for the show over time is fascinating. It has been a steady build – and episodes now have roughly 4x the audience as compared to when it started.
Also, in our post-Netflix world, it is one of the few shows beyond sports in which live viewing, at a weekly cadence, is a near-requirement. Not only because people want to watch it in real time, but because people want to be able to talk about it in real time, both on the internet and the following day at work. Also, if you don’t watch it in real time, good luck avoiding spoilers – it’s almost impossible in this day and age. 

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