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A -- Ad -- Great -- Ad -- Reading -- Ad -- Experience -- Ad

As a general concept, I'm in favor of Facebook's Instant Articles, Google's AMP, and the like. For fa
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A -- Ad -- Great -- Ad -- Reading -- Ad -- Experience -- Ad
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #53 • View online
As a general concept, I’m in favor of Facebook’s Instant Articles, Google’s AMP, and the like. For far too long, reading on the web has been bogged down by overzealous publishers cramming ads in every crevice on every page they control. It’s an awful user experience. And it’s getting worse. 
Facebook’s approach is problematic for a few reasons, and naturally has publishers’ complaining. But at least one of the steps Facebook is taking to alleviate the pain is ridiculous. In late 2015, Facebook noted that they would allow for ads to be inserted in articles every 350 words, instead of the previous 500 word rule. At the time, I joked that soon it might be every 100 words. Or. Every. Other. Word. Might. Be. An. Ad.
Well, guess what? As Josh Constine reported yesterday:
Now Facebook is cutting publishers a slightly better arrangement, allowing them to put a few more ads in each Instant Article. Ads can now appear every 250 words, instead of every 350.
Ugh. As I quipped on Twitter yesterday, if you give a publisher an ad-supported cookie, they’re going to want a sponsored glass of milk. But really, where does this end? Even if Facebook has miraculously solved the advertising pageload problem (which I’m sure they haven’t), an ad every 250 words is just a shitty reading experience. There has to be another way

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