500ish Notes: Who Gets Apple's Billions?

Day 3 of this little experiment (after skipping a couple days -- vacation and all). Megan has told me
M.G. Siegler
500ish Notes: Who Gets Apple's Billions?
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #3
Day 3 of this little experiment (after skipping a couple days – vacation and all). Megan has told me she doesn’t like the color palate, so I’ll switch things up a bit. Also likely to tweak the header image again. But getting there.
For today’s links, I think I’ll try making a couple of them a bit longer, to see how that looks when the come through in email form.
We’re out of Italy now and into Paris, where the weather is perfect. Also, hello to Martijn and team, appreciate the offers to help :)

5ish Links
The key nugget from The Economist’s (as always) rational take:
“The Americans are fretting mainly because the ruling signals that Europe will lay claim to some of the more than $2 trillion of profits that American firms have amassed offshore, under the deferral provisions. Policymakers in Washington believe only the federal government has the right to tax this, as and when it is brought home. The Brussels decision may spur American politicians to set aside their differences on tax reform and agree on a package with a reduced tax rate for profits that firms repatriate; better that than to let Europe dip into the offshore pot, they think.”
Yeah, the silver-lining in this farce is that it is likely going to force U.S. lawmakers to band together against a common “enemy” and make sure that money currently sitting overseas (almost all of Apple’s cash) comes back to the U.S. That likely means a tax “holiday” at some point in the near future, which Tim Cook seems to be not-so-subtly hinting at… 
And if that happens, there’s going to be a lot of companies beyond Apple that take advantage of it…
Still, if I were Cook, I might try this tactic as well.
An aside, just for some context: Apple made more profit in just the last holiday quarter than what the EU wants them to pay.
The television projects at Apple are fascinating because they seem to oscillate so violently. Apple either considers the Apple TV to be a “hobby” or it has “cracked” the code on the future of television. And those were just Steve Jobs words on the matter.
What’s interesting here is that it’s pretty clear that Apple was taking some sort of television project (beyond what we’ve seen from them with regard to the current Apple TV) pretty seriously. And they were seemingly close, in Jobs’ view shortly before his passing. And yet, not much has come as a result, even years later.
Is this because Jobs is no longer around to drive this? Is it because the would-be content partners didn’t want to get “iTunes’d” as the music industry had? Some combination? I recall some whispers of a “magic wand” control scheme, which may have evolved into the current (annoying) Apple TV remote. But there have been so many other rumors. One day, I’m sure someone with some actual knowledge will shed light.
Fun to see a cover story from The Economist on Uber. They look at both where it has been, why it’s working, and where it’s likely going…
Garrison Keillor eviscerates Donald Trump, and those who would support his bid for the Presidency. 
“This is extreme behavior adapted to survive the worst-known predator on Earth: man.” 🐘😔
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