500ish Notes: Rainy Day Cinema

Back from holiday and extremely jetlagged. Busy week ahead to get back into the swing of things, but
M.G. Siegler
500ish Notes: Rainy Day Cinema
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #4
Back from holiday and extremely jetlagged. Busy week ahead to get back into the swing of things, but will try to tweak a few things here and there before sending this out to a few more folks. 

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Important feature in The New York Times on global warning and rising sea levels. One standout graf:
“It’s as if the country was being attacked along every border, simultaneously,” said Andrea Dutton, a climate scientist at the University of Florida and one of the world’s leading experts on rising seas. “It’s a slow, gradual attack, but it threatens the safety and security of the United States.”
That actually seems like an appropriate way to frame it. 
To me, the most interesting angle here is the notion that no one goes to the movies anymore just to go. Perhaps not too surprising when you think about it – in 2016 – but this used to be a thing. People would go to a movie theater and decide then and there what they were going to see. These days, most people only go if they have something they specifically want to see. Interesting change over time…
Speaking of movie theaters – my wife and I went to one of these in London a couple summers ago. While it did indeed rain, it was a great experience. And it’s almost the opposite of the issue mentioned above: we probably would have gone no matter what was showing (in our case, Sense & Sensibility).
At first, this headline struck me as yet another Nintendo misstep. But thinking about it a bit more, this may actually be a savvy move. Nintendo stuck with cartridges for far too long as the competition lapped them with optical discs. But now, optical discs are slow and solid state storage – as one might use in a videogame cartidge – has gotten a lot cheaper and faster. Still not sure this is better than just done direct downloads, but I understand why Nintendo wants to give this another go…
Great tick-tock of a total shitshow at Fox News during the last days of Ailes.
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That Rumored iPhone 7 Plus Camera…
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